Alliances for Africa has recoerded tremendous successes in the course of implementing the UNWomen Funds for Gender Equality Project (FGE) project which aims towards increasing more women in governance through achieving the full implementation of 35% Affirmative Action stated in th National Gender Policy (2006) in five (5) states in South East Nigeria by 2018.

We had undertaken startegic advocacies to political parties, Independent National Electoral Commision (INEC), government institutions, traditional rulers and community leaders, civil society organizations and media. This had resulted in gender mainstreaming within political parties,  media and civil society organizations across the South East support the implementation of 35% Affirmative Action, traditional rulers had appointed women into their decision making cabinet. We have created social media platforms for female politicians to interact and widen their knowledge on the project goal.

We have three (3) women elected into decision making positions in governance and eleven (11) appointed as well within the South East project states. We are currently working on setting up structures among the women in politics in order to sustain the project even after it’s end in 2018. On the way forward, we will focus on mentoring young women by building their capacity towards leadership, and ensuring the inclusion of women in decision making spaces.